4. Push Notification Setup

OneSignal Push Notification Setup

We have used OneSignal for push notifications. To set up OneSignal Push Notification Service to the app, you need an App ID from OneSignal. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to onesignal.com and create an account and create a project by clicking on the new app/website button.

  • Enter your app name and then select Google Android.

  • And then you need a Web API Key and a Sender ID.

  • You will get them from your firebase project. Go to your firebase project > project settings > cloud messaging and copy them and input both Server Key and Sender ID in the Onesignal and save them and complete the setup.

  • You will get an App ID from Onesignal. Copy that App ID and go to the lib/configs/config.dart file and replace the Onesignal App ID.

That’s it. Your OneSignal Push Notification Setup is complete.

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